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The solution to all of your TAMPA leak emergencies, leak problems, and plumbing leaks. All of your leak detection and leak repair service needs in TAMPA, FL, as well as throughout Southwest Florida!

TAMPA Leak Detection

With the equipment, training, and expertise to handle any TAMPA leak detection emergency or project a Tampa Leak Detection company can locate your leak! TAMPA slab leaks. TAMPA underground leaks. Behind the wall, toilets, and pipes- if it's leaking they'll find it!

TAMPA Leak Repair

Once your leak is found, it's time to fix it with professional Tampa leak repair services. Whether you require a spot repair or a sewer line replacement.

Waterline Leak Detection & Repair

Are you experiencing higher than normal water bills? A hidden water line leak can become very costly over time if it's not repaired.

In addition to a higher water bill, there can be the added expense of water damage, mold and erosion. While some water line leaks can be easily found, often it's hidden behind a wall or underground.

Do you have Polybutylene Pipes? Polybutylene has had a bad history of problems and even a class action lawsuit. Homeowners across the southern states and other areas around the Country have had to address the problems of leaking polybutylene pipes and even the complete removal of polybutylene.

Get an up front and honest assessment of your home's plumbing situation with options so that you can make the right decision for yourself.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Virtually every home in Tampa and for that matter Southwest Florida sits on a concrete slab. If you suspect an underground slab leak, it's best to get it checked asap. Slab leak detection specialists can locate the source of the leak so that a diagnosis and repair cost can be considered by the homeowner. With the prospect of even further damage, don't wait to get your slab leak problem solved. Some Insurance companies may cover some or all of the costs associated with the locating and repair of a slab leak, so check your policy for details.

We offer leak detection and repair services in the following areas:

Tampa FL, Plant City FL, Temple Terrace FL, St. Petersburg FL, Clearwater FL, Dunedin FL, Gulfport FL, Largo FL, Oldsmar FL, Pinellas Park FL, Seminole FL, Tarpon Springs FL, Dade City FL, New Port Richey FL, Port Richey FL, San Antonio FL, Zephyrhillis FL, Brooksville FL, Weeki Wachee FL, and surrounding communities.